Breath of Light 111–Divine Child

Kauai Residential Retreat and Training October 8 - 15, 2018

Mana and the Divine Light Sanctuary invite you to reconnect with your Divinity and Inner Peace through a Transformational Journey of Healing and Soul Retrieval. Come to Kauai, join this intimate group and be immersed within the Sacred realm of the Divine Child. Registration is now open with limited space remaining. (Divine Child retreat is for both practitioners and spiritual seekers.)

Join the Universal Awakening

  • Are You Part of the Calling?
  • Have you already experienced enough suffering and pain?
  • Are you ready to embody inner peace, true healing and a quantum leap of consciousness?
  • Are you a healer ready to step up–and show up?

At this powerful time upon Earth, there is a Sacred calling...inviting people to awaken and stand in love, power and Divine truth. People, just like you, are choosing to change their lives, to become free, and to serve humanity. People's hearts are seeking more; deeper connection, healing from old wounds and limiting self beliefs. They are seeking to know the truth, to awaken to their highest purpose and to rise up in honor of the Holy whisper of the Soul.


Are you...

  • In need of more peace, joy, and grace?
  • Ready to let go of dysfunction and limitation in your life?
  • A practitioner ready to deepen your offerings to a masterful level that will transform you and your client's lives forever?
  • A seeker at a crossroads looking for your path back home?
  • Willing to gather the pieces of your broken spirit and return to wholeness?
  • Ready to heal your life and reclaim Divine innocence, wonder and love?
  • Open to love yourself completely and enjoy your life passionately?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Welcome Home.
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Divine Child is Master level work




You will be gifted the opportunity to:

  • Embody your Divinity
  • Reclaim your holy gifts and birthrights
  • Reconnect with your Divine family
  • Remember your innocence - and live your innocence
  • Live in accordance with your Soul's destiny
  • Awaken your power to heal
  • Release the limitations that have held you back

Receive and learn this unique and powerful transformational healing modality. Simply soak in the gifts of the life-changing session work and Sacred practices Or learn to offer this work and take a quantum leap with these gifts as a professional practitioner




Divine Child is a Journey of Soul Retrieval




  • A one of a kind healing modality developed by Mana through years of pilgrimage, initiation and meditation that combines: intuitive wisdom, Shamanic vision craniosacral therapy, meditative inquiry and holographic alchemy
  • A reconnection to one's Divine Child, their purest nature of joy, innocence, and wonder
  • An instrumental key to Ancestral healing and Universal Awakening
  • A Divine repatterning of the way one sees and experiences the world
  • A soul level transformational technology that frees the wounded inner child, while reconnecting with the Divine
  • A life changing inner journey traversing the core of one's wounds into the liberation of Divine Union
  • A unique protocol facilitating emotional liberation and spiritual maturity

Initiation –

You will receive a revolutionary deepening of your gifts as a healer and therapist through initiation into the Way of the Shaman and Sacred Forms mysteries. Daily practices will facilitate emotional, energetic and physical clearing for healing and embodiment of your Divine Blueprint. You will be guided through a profound meditative alchemy and process which invites you to embody the Divine Child and experience the masterful joy and wonder that you are.








Mana will demonstrate Divine Child protocol and sessions with the group and invite your participation to facilitate healing for others. As a sacred witness and participant, you will experience the awe of guiding someone into a level of healing that has been sought for centuries. Mana’s heartfelt approach to teaching facilitates a transmission of the alchemy of his unique practice and session work.


Integration and Nature

Woven into the retreat is time to remember our connection to nature and the deep blue realm of whales, dolphins and sea turtles as well as to enjoy the mystical Kauai sacred sites, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and caves. Evenings offer a variety of ceremonial integration through: Essence Alchemy, Soul Cleansing, Sacred Sound immersion, Divine Child alchemy, Language of Light Initiation, Sacred Geometry immersion and more.




Our Retreat




    Our Retreat Includes

  • 7 days and 6 nights in a luxurious tropical Balinese style retreat center, walking distance to a lovely secluded ocean bay
  • 2 days guided excursions exploring sacred sites of Kauai
  • 3 delicious organic meals per day (*1 meal on arrival and departure days)
  • Daily Tibetan Yoga and Kundalini alchemy, Sacred Sound and Light meditation
  • Evening alchemy events and offerings
  • Systemic Family Constellation work
  • 2 new Craniosacral protocols
  • Unlimited profound guidance and teachings

Divine Light Sanctuary

A center of transformation, illumination, and visionary education

A peaceful template of spiritual awakening on Earth

A sacred vision sustained by Divine creation

A home of Divine service

A source of Sacred temple offerings and Global outreach



Reflections from Experience



Testimonials From Past Retreats

"The Breath of Light retreat transformed my life. Mana's gentle guidance and honest presence taught me what it truly means to be a healer, healing oneself. The location was beautiful, the food was delectable, and the lessons and the journey are something that I will cherish my entire life. I arrived hopeful after facing a period of sadness and challenge and I left with a huge heart full of perfect love and some of the greatest connections of my life. Words will never describe the invaluable experience. JD (PA)

"Mana, thank you so much for your enlightened teaching over the past few weeks. What an amazing experience on a myriad of levels that will continue to unfold at an accelerated velocity. I greatly appreciate your optimal blending of the theoretical, experiential, spiritual and pragmatic. Your teaching is inspiring, magical and highly enjoyable. You have wonderfully high expectations for your students and are extremely supportive and respectful of individual differences and strengths. I know that the powerful gifts from your course and teaching will continue to unfold over time. Thank You!" JMS (IL)

"I want to share that the morning after last night’s healing, I woke up feeling as if I'd processed 1000 lifetimes..." Julie (IL)

"I can't say enough to my friends about the trip. I know it's quite common these days to talk about huge shifts after a session or a workshop or whatever. But I can say this was a huge shift in consciousness. I've noticed the change that comes with it in language, perception, thoughts and feelings. My clients have noticed it as well in bodywork". CM (NJ)

"The Breath of Light experience exceeded my very high expectations beyond my imagination. It gave me an awareness of who I AM. This work speaks to the heart and soul of the practitioner and the receiver. And it speaks to mine. Mana is the Master whose wisdom captures the art form and the science of this insightful and liberating work. His slightest gesture or comment let you know he is monitoring each member of the group and each situation as he guides you through the learning experience and the play. Breath of Light liberates us from our fear of expressing our own magnificence which allows us to liberate others. It feels GREAT to be in love with myself, with you, and with the world! It is one of the things I intended to be before I die (and after). We are blessed". Thank you Pat (AZ)

"Being with you and those amazing people, doing all the spiritual and energy work was such a magical experience. The whole journey made me stronger in my own knowing, stronger in believing my own soul's work. It has shown me the importance of doing this work. I am truly grateful to you as a teacher and role model". Thank you. KA (PA)