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Mana is the visionary founder of Divine Light Sanctuary. His ministry and teachings facilitate global awakening and peace through spiritual counseling, evolutionary healing and transformational art. Mana lives from the depth of his devotion as a yogi–bridging worlds and offering sacred energy to all life.

“Many years ago, I dedicated my self, my being, my actions, to all beings as an instrument of Divine spirit. Life has become a continuous pilgrimage in service, prayer and peace.”

Mana worked as a visual artist, glass sculptor, teacher and healer from the early 1980’s until 2001 where his inner guidance led him to let go of his art studio, all possessions and longtime home in Hawaii and travel on a meditation pilgrimage through the Far East. It was a Journey of intense depth, during which he received several powerful holographic transmissions and teachings. Since then, he has endeavored to communicate these revelations through the creation of a series of mystical drawings called Sacred Forms. He is dedicated to sharing these images as a direct means of transformation and initiation with as many beings as possible.

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My Story

I lived on Kauai for nearly 12 years, working as a glass sculptor, teacher, and lightworker. I spent most of my free time in nature, in profound connection with the Earth, a virtual paradise.

dolphins huggingIn January 1999, while swimming with a pod of dolphins, I received two colorful, multidimensional holograms of sound and light, reminiscent of Tibetan sand paintings. This initiated a major shift in my life on all levels. During that same time period, I was having powerful visions and visitations with a Master, whom I came to realize was Babaji, calling me into a cave in the Far East. We shared a very deep connection, which grew more and more profound.

One day, I knew it was time…almost instantly, I was buying a ticket to India (never before had I been interested in going there) I let go of everything: my art studio, healing practice, all possessions, and my identity of who and what I was. Miraculously everything was gone in 10 days…I left by January 2001.

BabajiThe Journey became a spontaneous year-long pilgrimage through Sacred sites of India and Nepal, as well as England and the Canary Islands of Africa. Along the way I meditated intensively, averaging 8 hours per day, within more than a hundred caves and Holy sites.

In Nepal, an inner voice interrupted my meditation one morning, directing me to go immediately to a nearby cave…. As I meditated in the cave, the stone above my head began to dematerialize, as if its atomic structure transformed into liquid light. Through the stone emerged two beings, bearing large wooden vessels of liquid. They opened the top portion of my skull and proceeded to pour the contents into my head. There were three different ‘pourings’–liquid gold, platinum and crystal fluids spiraled down the core of my body, filling every bit of my being with Divine nectar until I was nothing but ecstatic light. This gift of illumination was beyond description, and a key to the manifestation of the Sacred Forms.

Pharping Cave

The next day a Buddhist monk described to me the story of these two beings, Yeshe Tsogyul and Padmasambhava, and the sacred Termas (spiritual treasures) they were known to have hidden within stone as enlightening tools for future generations–I was humbled and amazed.

PadmasambhavaThe Journey continued–in my daily meditations, I received many more direct teachings and initiations from Padmasambhava and his Consort Yeshe, as well as other Masters in spirit-body—most notably, Buddha, Amma and Yeshua (Jesus). I was also extremely blessed to receive darshan and empowerments from several Tibetan Lamas and Indian Saints, including, HH. Dalai Lama, Sakya Trizin, Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, and Karmapa.

Eventually I was guided to return to the west. I left Asia and traveled to Glastonbury, England.

I continued visiting Sacred sites and meditating daily, and began drawing (drawing happened). I was seeing holographically, and expressed the visions/experiences that appeared with pen and ink, as Sacred Geometry. The veils of the ‘matrix’ dissolved, everything was revealed as a lattice of infinite forms, flowing, changing, and evolving. Past life memories returned to my awareness, revealing mystery school teachings from civilizations of ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria and much more.

The first series of drawings was complete in early august 2001, as a tool to clear the Emotional Body. The second series came as a massive download September 10, 11 and 12, called Ascending Lightbody. I was continuously drawing, day and night, as the energy was unstoppable. I was not exposed to the World Trade Center events until about halfway through the series, and even at that point, I simply returned to drawing. It was illustrating ‘freeze-frames’ of holographic events in motion, the birth and death of stars, galaxies and beyond…

Teshe Tsogyal

I journeyed on to the Canary Islands–and the work continued–this was a time of deep retreat and integration. I completed the drawings and felt complete within my Spiritual existence. I felt done with the ‘outer world’ and was prepared to live the rest of my life in nature and seclusion—enjoying a deep love for all of creation in peace…. This is where I was emphatically told by Spirit that my work had just begun! I was shown the magnitude and importance of sharing the drawings with as many beings as possible….So on I went…

I was guided to return to Kauai, where the third series of drawings, Cosmic Heart/Sky Castles was completed—based upon another transmission from Padmasambhava, which manifested as a brilliant spinning crystal-star within my heart.

I spent the next 6 months intensively re-drawing and re-calibrating all the Sacred Forms, deeply entranced within the energy of meditation. Upon completion, I returned to the Big Island of Hawaii to swim and celebrate with the same pod of dolphins that had originally initiated me on this Journey. It was there that I offered my first Sacred Forms retreat very close to the ocean—and the sharing began….</p.

*My journey back to the Mainland USA brought me to ground zero in New York City where I holographically offered the Sacred Forms to the wounded Earth and Souls there–the exchange was very profound.

Sacred Forms are a tremendous gift that I have been blessed to share, as a caretaker.

Padmasambhava in red and gold

Not on one strand are all life’s jewels strung.
–William Morris

Mana’s Jewels

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