Mana’s Art

Glass Sculpture boat with mastMana lived as an artist, sculptor, teacher and healer from the early 80’s through the early 2000’s.  After several years of study, apprenticeship and studio work, he received his B.F.A. degree in 3-D Design through the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, France and Surrey College of Art & Design, England. He became known internationally as a glass/mixed-media sculptor and alchemist throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. His works were published, exhibited and collected worldwide as an eclectic body of symbolic forms created through alchemical techniques; combining crystal, precious & semi-precious metals, prayer and magic.  All one of a kind creations made of a unique new material reminiscent of the mysterious works found in ancient Egypt…works that transform according to the light’s touch.

Mana at Novy Bor Glass Symposium

There is a language in the Earth, in the Water and the Sky, an eternal spirit that flows through everything. I often listen in silence, remembering, being inspired to create.  I approach my artwork as a storyteller, a sacred messenger, using glass and mixed media as raw materials for my words and visions; weaving together a poetry of form, symbol and color in collaboration with light, to create inspiring objects of clarity and depth. The work is intended to bring you ‘home’ upon a journey of Soul remembrance…. that is both healing and inspiring.”  ~ Mana 1991

Glass Sculpture with narrow triangle shape
In 2000 Mana let go of all his possessions, equipment and identity as an artist, delving deeply into his spiritual practice—his life became a sacred pilgrimage. Today he considers his teaching and healing work more about Soul Sculpting and shares a profound dedication in Divine Service. He says that the Sacred Forms, his sacred geometrical drawings are not a form of Art, but rather a Universal gift of remembrance he has been blessed to embody and share.

Most of Mana’s sculptures were sold, given away or lost, yet a few very special pieces still remain and may be available to those interested, upon inquiry.
‎View photo slideshow of some of Mana’s Art here.