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Termas are being found and translated, which are enhancing our understanding of the universe and giving us tools for a new paradigm for living.

Termas are teachings of the highest yoga tantra level. Some were hidden in the earth while others were planted directly into the minds of major disciples.

When the time is ripe for the revelation of these hidden teachings, reincarnations of these same disciples appear and are inspired to discover and share them. Such discoverers of these hidden teachings are known as Tertons, or treasure masters.

Mind Termas are transmitted directly from Guru Rinpoche to the mind of the Terton. A vision of a syllable or symbol can cause the Terton to fully recall a Terma as its entirety is already within his mindstream.

More than one hundred tantric masters have revealed and taught these treasures.

The termas have been discovered by various means. They have been found:

  • hidden inside boulders,
  • buried beneath streams,
  • suspended in space,
  • and sometimes held within the minds of chosen recipients, waiting for the preordained moment to be discovered.
  • In modern times, termas have also appeared upon photographic negatives of landscapes from the Himalayas.