Breath of Light Trainings 2016 on Kauai

Shamanic Vision Craniosacral Training
Join us March 3–11, 2016

Take your healing practice and your life to the next level

The Breath of Light trainings (Levels 1 & 2) develop your ability to offer profound transformational healing sessions.

This work is open to everyone at all levels willing to delve deeply within. Each training is unique depending on the group dynamics and specific needs. Breath of Light is for those who feel called. For unique souls who respond to the sacred whisper that invites them to show up in service of the Divine.

Breath of Light training | hands on healing session

In these trainings, your healing and self-transformation is supported by an alchemy of highly evolved teachings and practices which allow you to deepen, expand and touch others.

My experience in the Breath of Light was indeed LIFE CHANGING!!” –LW

Emphasis is on your development of a profound presence, stillness and intuitive awareness.

Through experiential practice, one-on-one as well as group hands-on training, you learn Shamanic Vision Craniosacral, Chi Nei Tsang and other profoundly effective protocols.

Shamanic Vision Craniosacral Training is a light, non-invasive, contact therapy that leaves both the client and the practitioner touched on a soul level. This practice facilitates divine alignment within the entire being and body.

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist practice of internal organ-visceral healing.

As you work with the Breath of Light, a wholistic approach to healing, you learn to feel with your hands, heart and soul. You delve into the realm of Holographic intuition. You are empowered to live and serve from within the truth of pure stillness.

Whale breeching

This training deepened my ability to show up in the world as an expression of love. It helped me to open to the energetic frequency of the divine while learning healing techniques to freely give to those in need. I have been able to bring the craniosacral techniques into the healing work I already do, which has been enriching for myself and my patients. Most importantly the retreat created a space for everyone to deeply heal themselves. As we better ourselves we are bettering the world.” Thank you Mana. –Jenny V (ND)

Mana continuously guides the course while holding a sacred container. Within the depths of this alchemical process, we realize that we are only working upon ourselves. It is from this place that miracles occur.

Mana’s trainings provide you with an opportunity to do more than learn a new healing modality.

Breath of Light is profoundly more than a Craniosacral Training…each day is filled with love, divine light, Sacred Forms, meditation, self-discovery, powerful information and personalized teachings…reminding us that ‘all’ is possible. –DS

Are you ready for profound transformation and Divine awakening?

As a practitioner and spiritual seeker, you know that you can only go as high as you are willing to go low. In order to assist others in the purest manner, we delve into and transform shadow. Self-healing and awakening is facilitated, and intuitive gifts are available for divine service.

These trainings, held within the nurturing energy of Kauai, provide a safe and supportive space to open deeply to the core of who and what you are.

Gazing at Sacred Forms | Breath of Light Training

Mana guides you to deepen as a healing-arts practitioner. Through humility and clear intent, you step back and away from ego and become a vessel of the divine. It is this art of being that enables you to serve others with genuine and pure love.

Thank you so much for your enlightened teaching over the past few weeks. I greatly appreciate your optimal blending of the theoretical, experiential, spiritual and pragmatic. Your teaching is inspiring, magical and highly enjoyable. You have wonderfully high expectations for your students and are extremely supportive and respectful of individual differences and strengths. I know that the powerful gifts from your course and teaching will continue to unfold over time. Thank You!” –JMS

To further deepen your transformational process or if you are unable to attend this spring, we highly recommend the summer Divine Child retreat (Breath of Light Level 3) also offered on Kauai. It is a full residential retreat in a magnificent paradise center where we delve into life-changing work only offered by Mana.

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