Divine Light Sanctuary website

Kauai rainbowWelcome to the new Divine Light Sanctuary website. We are very blessed to announce the launch of this revised sacred website that has been several years in the making. It has been over a dozen years since Mana was graciously gifted the co-creation of the original Sacred Forms site by the masterful artist/philosopher and web-designer, Dave A. Sheppard of Sound Visions. Contact Dave.

After a dozen years, the site retains its unique sense of mystery and profound presence. It has been quite a miraculous journey of sharing the divine gifts received by Mana worldwide–now it is time for the next holy adventure to begin. We invite you to explore and enjoy the virtual temple, global initiations and profound events which are happening and in the works.

Huge blessings and thank you to artist/web-designer nature advocate and creative writer, Leslie Staller, Vision Shift Design, who has shared countless days and nights of amazing work to get this site to where it is today and to where it shall be evolving to…

We look forward to sharing this sacred journey with you all!

Please share with us your feedback regarding the new site. It is still a work-in-progress, so thank you for being patient as we continue to develop the offerings and clean up the bugs. We are very appreciative of any comments you would like to share, please take your time, enjoy, and explore the Sanctuary.

With all love and blessings,
Mana and the Divine Light Sanctuary