Breath of Light Level I Training

Breath of Light Training, Mana with students doing hands on healingShamanic Visionary Craniosacral Work/Nei Tsang Chi

Level I Training: TBD

Empower your Personal Healing Journey and Professional Practice

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Training/Retreat Highlights:

  • Profound deepening of your gifts as a healer/therapist
  • Craniosacral and Sacred Forms Alchemy
  • Psychic development/Meditation deepening
  • Language of Light Initiation, Sacred Geometry
  • Daily practice of Tibetan Yoga & Kundalini
  • Reunite with your spiritual family
  • Learn the Way of the Shaman
  • Learn life changing Divine Child work
  • Soul retrieval
  • Emotional clearing for healing and spiritual maturity
  • Chi Nei Tsang/Visceral Healing
  • Family Constellation work

Experience and learn shamanic visionary craniosacral work within an alchemy of highly evolved and profound teachings.

Levels I focuses on developing Craniosacral Vision and Soul Touch while emphasizing the practitoner’s spiritual awakening, depth of presence and stillness. Daily guided meditations, specific exercises and practices are offered to facilitate profound experiences and learning. Participants develop a highly useful and effective healing protocol with infinite possibilities for sharing.

This training includes the profound and powerful modality of Chi Nei Tsang/Visceral Healing.

This is an in-depth training where participants will learn to develop and share extraordinary perception abilities. We will initiate and practice a deepening of the work along with an entirely new powerful protocol of contacts. We will share insights that assist the practitioner to live and serve with in the truth of pure stillness. Psychic development will be emphasized along with the new work that will serve a great value to everyone’s practice and lives.

These offerings are open to everyone interested in personal development and Divine awakening. Also, these trainings offer professional practitioners unique and highly effective tools and certification for their work in the healing arts.

Whale's Eye VisionBeautiful training spaceBoL_002Breath of Light Training, Kauai beach and palm tree

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Contact us by Email or call Danice: (650) 207-6992 (PT)