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Blessings upon the New Light and New Year

Upon transition from 2020 to 2021


There has been a significant shift of light frequency since the recent Winter Solstice.  Be sure to allow time for deep inner contemplation and meditation  to provide space within for integration and alignment. At this time of new beginnings it is very auspicious to be clear with your deepest essence.

Please feel free to reach out for more support and guidance as provided in session work and enjoy the Divine Experience !

We Plan to be offering more group events in 2021 and will be sharing more details regarding this development soon.

*We have a very special opportunity to secure a Sacred Land base here on Kauai for the Sanctuary and are actively inviting those who may feel called and interested to contact us for more details.

The Sacred Keys Journey

Offered for the First Time

Yearlong Sacred Journey starts April 11, 2021

Details TBA

During this yearlong journey, you experience a transmission of timeless and ancient teachings revealed for today’s modern world. The sharing of these Sacred Keys is being offered to reawaken and integrate dormant and hidden parts of your being.

Experience the transformation of The Sacred Keys and open into the extraordinary realms of your clairsentience and self-love.

The Sacred Keys Relate to—

  • Birth and Life Transition
  • Vision and Perception
  • Breath and Divine Union
  • Divine Love
  • Motion and Stillness
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Death and Eternity

Contact us with questions by Email or phone (650) 207.6992 (PT) Danice.



Awaken your profound connection with Divinity. Release trauma, heartache, unhealthy patterns and beliefs at the core level through masterful physical, emotional and spiritual healing work. This revolutionary therapy is an alchemy of Spiritual Counseling, Sacred Geometry, Sound, and Light.

Mana offers transformational sessions in-person and via Zoom internationally.

Questions? Contact us: email or phone Danice: (650) 207.6992 (PT)





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Our Current Schedule

Breath of Light Trainings

Trainings and Retreats with Mana:

Empower your Personal Healing Journey and Professional Practice

Events Schedule

Level I–Next training dates TBD
Level II – TBA

See all upcoming retreats and trainings here

Kauai beach and palm tree

Only from the heart can you touch the sky.
A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
–Thomas Carlyle

Divine Light Sanctuary offers trainings and retreats for profound personal healing and transformation. These offerings are open to everyone interested in personal development and Divine awakening. Also, these trainings offer professional practitioners unique and highly effective tools and certification for their work in the healing arts.

Training/Retreat Highlights:

  • Profound deepening of your gifts as a healer/therapist
  • Craniosacral and Sacred Forms Alchemy
  • Psychic development/Meditation deepening
  • Language of Light Initiation, Sacred Geometry
  • Daily practice of Tibetan Yoga & Kundalini
  • Reunite with your spiritual family
  • Learn the Way of the Shaman
  • Learn life changing Divine Child work
  • Soul retrieval
  • Emotional clearing for healing and spiritual maturity
  • Chi Nei Tsang/Visceral Healing
  • Family Constellation work

Whale's Eye VisionBeautiful training spaceBoL_002

Breath of Light Level I & II–Shamanic Vision Craniosacral Work/Chi Nei Tsang

Experience and learn shamanic vision craniosacral work within an alchemy of highly evolved and profound teachings.

Levels I and II are trainings that focus on developing Craniosacral Vision and Soul Touch while emphasizing the practitoner’s spiritual awakening, depth of presence and stillness. Daily guided meditations, specific exercises and practices are offered to facilitate profound experiences and learning. Participants develop a highly useful and effective healing protocol with infinite possibilities for sharing.

Level I also includes the profound and powerful modality of Chi Nei Tsang/Visceral Healing.

Level II promises to explore the finer realms of the Visionary Healer. Get on the waiting list to find out when Level II is next offered.

These are in-depth trainings where participants will learn to develop and share extraordinary perception abilities. We will initiate and practice a deepening of the work along with an entirely new powerful protocol of contacts. We will share insights that assist the practitioner to live and serve with in the truth of pure stillness. Psychic development will be emphasized along with the new work that will serve a great value to everyone’s practice and lives.

Level II attendance is open to Level I graduates. When offered, it is highly recommended to immerse oneself into both courses concurrently so as to be able to fully experience and integrate the depth of what is being presented. Learn more about Breath of Light Trainings.

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Breath of Light Level III–Divine Child

2021 Dates TBD

Level III Divine Child is a residential retreat that offers a transformational journey of soul retrieval for both student and practitioner. Divine Child session work is an instrumental key to Universal Awakening. This work facilitates emotional liberation and release as we profoundly explore the alchemy of the Divine Child. As a result, one reconnects with their divinity and inner peace. For practitioners, this training teaches a unique and most powerful healing modality they may use to offer their own life-changing session work.

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Additional Information

Woven into these trainings and retreats is time to deepen our connection to nature and the deep blue realm of whales, dolphins and sea turtles as well as to enjoy the mystical Kauai mountains, waterfalls, beaches and caves.

These courses are rare opportunities to work directly with Mana and the Sacred Forms and delve into a new depth of spiritual practice and healing work. You will be offered many tools for your own healing journey, as well as those for working with clients. You will experience the Breath of Light and open into the extraordinary realms of your sensory perceptions and intuitive talents.

Mana brings his exceptional ability to transmit and share from the heart to core levels of healing.

Mana’s heartfelt approach to teaching is aimed at facilitating a transmission of the alchemy of his unique practice and session work. Mana is a visionary artist, yogi, healer and world traveler, dedicated to offering sacred energy to the earth. He is devoted to the spiritual awakening of humanity into true peace, awareness and Divine service. Learn more about the Divine Child retreat here.

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Your investment, including accommodation and meals: $3,492 (2020 price, 2021 price subject to change). A deposit of $999 is required at the time of booking to hold your space. Final payment is due no later than 30 days prior to the start of the retreat.

Sacred Journeys to Tibet, Egypt, HI, USA, PeruThis is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.–Jalaluddin Rumi

Sacred Journeys

Mana guides meditation pilgrimages to Holy Sites around the world. These pilgrimages are sacred offerings to the Earth through planetary gridwork. The Journeys are opportunities for powerful initiations and spiritual transformation, facilitating both personal and global awakening. Destinations include: Peru, Tibet, Nepal, Egypt, and Hawaii. We are planning to add South Africa, Central America, Russia and beyond.

Upcoming Journeys


Peru: Join Mana for this incredible Shamanic Journey through the Sacred Sites of Peru. We shall create ceremony with Native Elders of the Ancient Inca wisdom, participate in Sacred Forms Meditations, Earth Gridwork, yoga (Kundalini and Tibetan), shamanic practice, sacred soundwork and healings on our path to personal and planetary awakening. Learn more about our upcoming Sacred journey to Peru, TBA (possible add-on extension).

Sacred Journey France Magdalena painting by Tintoretto

Join Mana for this Sacred Pilgrimage walking the holy path of Magdelene. This will be a sacred journey connecting and emboding the divine feminine. We will delve into the mystery schools and adventure amid the sacred sites of south France, regions associated with Mary Magdeline and the Cathars. TBA

Tibet and Nepal Sacred Journey

Join Mana where devotion meets dream, on this amazing pilgrimage through the heart of Tibet/Nepal. Bathe within incense filled prayer halls full of chanting monks; meditate within the ruins of remote hermitages and caves, and travel upon wild roads of the Himalayan plateau that will invite you to touch stunning mountain peaks blanketed with prayer flags, snow and myth.In this ancient land of Shangri-la, the Crown Chakra of the Earth, discover a resilient people who embody faith beyond faith. It is an enlightening journey that will change the way you see the world and an experience that will change your life.


Join Mana, Jane Bell and famed Egyptologist Emil Shaker for this high-frequency spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Egypt. Delve deeply into the eternal realms of the Mystery Schools. Experience daily ceremony, meditation, healing and yoga on this physical and metaphysical journey. Learn more about our Sacred journey to Egypt (dates and details TBA).

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Transformational Events

Mana and the Divine Light Sanctuary offer a variety of profound Sacred Events and Ceremonies which are deeply inspirational and transformational. These empowering offerings incorporate Sacred Geometry, Sound, Light, Meditation, Prayer, Breathwork, Yogic and Shamanic practices.

These Sacred events support and facilitate deep revelation and healing on all levels and are intended to facilitate awakening into Divine union.

See our Events calendar for upcoming sacred events.

Mana Playing Sound Bowls

Sacred Sound and Forms

Sacred Sound Journeys within the exquisite field of crystal alchemy bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Shamanic bells, in combination with Sacred Forms light projections and guided meditation.

These crystal bowls are specifically tuned to the frequencies of the chakras and glandular system of the human body, so as to facilitate healing and ascension of the emotional, physical, and etheric bodies.

Musicians playing at a sound and light journey

Sacred Sound and Light

Sound and Light events are multifaceted experiences combining Sacred Forms projections, ceremonial meditations and crystal alchemy bowls, in collaboration with various sound healing artists and musicians, as a means of creating powerful spiritual inspiration and liberation.

Meditation in a room set up with Sacred Forms for Transmission

Sacred Forms Transmissions

These events are inspiring, intense and exciting–incorporating Sacred Sound, Movement, Breathwork, and Kundalini Yoga–progressing into Visual Meditation and Initiation. They are a unique opportunity to work with the Sacred Forms, experience ways to go deeper into personal practice and see through the veils of illusion. Mana’s heartfelt approach is aimed at facilitating a return to true peace, clarity and Divine purpose. Each sharing is truly unique.

Cone Spin Form

Sacred Forms Essence Alchemy

Essence Alchemy—A meditative Journey combining the magic Alchemy of Sacred Forms Essences and Sprays with Guided Word, Sacred Sound and Light. Learn about these transformational tools as a practitioner or for your personal use and healing.

Nasa Image of Black Hole

Soul Cleansing (A One or Two Part Shamanic Breathwork Intensive)

A powerful Journey combining the Magical Alchemy of Breath with Sacred Sound and the Sacred Forms. This Intensive creates space for profound release, healing, transformation and empowering partnerships.

If this is a two part event, attendance at both sessions is strongly suggested. Partners will be provided or you can bring your own.

Divine Light Sanctuary Circle

Divine Light Sanctuary Circle

Divine Light Sanctuary Circle—regular offerings of guided meditation journeys within a sacred field of prayer, sound and light.

See our Events calendar for upcoming sacred events.

Private Events by Request

Mana offers Sacred Ceremonies upon request including:

  • Sacred Union and Wedding Ceremonies
  • Rights of Passage for youth
  • Birth Support with Craniosacral and Sacred Energy work–including pre and post-natal assistance (see session details )
  • Home or business clearings and blessings
  • Ceremony for special Sacred occasions
  • Private offerings, journeys, retreats and events for you or your group

Contact us in order to discuss and schedule your private event.

woman gazing at Sacred Forms
HI Kahili Ginger Plant
Na Pali Coast Kauai

Private Retreats

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”
~Hermann Hesse

You are most welcome to join us for a personal retreat of body, mind and spirit. Come soothe your soul, relax, rejuvenate and heal amid Kauai’s natural splendor. Enjoy receiving from the many sacred gifts offered by the Sanctuary.

Please Contact us in order to customize your Kauai retreat or plan your extended stay.

Retreat Options:

  • Private Transformational Sessions
  • Personal Healing Retreats
  • Natural Wellness Cleansing and Diet
  • Meditation and Yogic Arts
  • Silent Meditation Retreats (private or group)
  • Rites of Passage for Youth
  • Sacred Sound and Light Therapy
  • Transformational Events
  • Sacred Journeys in Kauai Nature (hiking or sacred sites)

For more information and to set up your personal retreat, contact us here.

Cosmic Heart Initiation

Coming soon

Multi-sensory global consciousness raising experiences of sacred sound, geometry and light will touch you at all levels. We are in the production phase of these most powerful offerings. Sign up below and stay tuned for more information.

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