Mahalo, Las (HI)

As to my mental health/ excellent. Emotional health/excellent. I feel you have transformed something there, mahalo. My son is amazing....he has changed SO much {so loving, thoughtful & staying straight}, and it feels REAL, & like it shall stick. … [Read more...]

Inge (CA)

I am so grateful that you and Adam (9yr old) got to work together…it was a special gift to have him teach me and his dad how to meditate. He asked his teacher if he can teach his class to do this and what a delight for him to stop by this AM to sit together! As for me, I continue to profoundly open and integrate deeply: Mind - Body - Heart. Many Blessings and much love … [Read more...]

Sandhya (HI)

Both my nephew’s and my spine are still wonderfully straight…. I always show and tell the miracle of you getting rid of the scoliosis, how it has been released. We should have taken before and after pictures of our bodies. … [Read more...]