Lakshmi (HI)

The Breath of Light retreat transformed my life. Mana's gentle guidance and honest presence taught me what it truly means to be a healer, healing oneself. The location was beautiful, the food was delectable, and the lessons and the journey are something that I will cherish my entire life. I arrived hopeful after facing a period of sadness and challenge and I left with a huge heart full of perfect … [Read more...]


Being in Maui with you and those amazing people, doing all the spiritual and energy work was such a magical experience. The whole journey made me stronger in my own knowing, stronger in believing my own soul's work. It has shown me the importance of doing this work. I am truly grateful to you as a teacher and role model. Thank you. … [Read more...]


The Breath of Light experience exceeded my very high expectations beyond my imagination. It gave me an awareness of who I AM. This work speaks to the heart and soul of the practitioner and the receiver. And it speaks to mine. … [Read more...]

Carol (NJ)

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Maui. The whole experience in Maui left a mark on me and it still is living inside of me. I'm saving money because I want to go on another trip with your group.  Thanks mana again for your wisdom. It took me this long to see. I see what you mean going beyond faith and into knowing. Yes it is in the knowing. That is what has been keeping … [Read more...]

S (NC)

Since the craniosacral training, my clients are loving this work and everyone is deeply relaxed when I finish and comments on how well they are sleeping…of course other things are happening and I see them but so far they have been gentle energy healing' I see that the universe gives you what you can handle and not more than that...I am pleased with that... … [Read more...]

Julie (IL)

I want to share that the morning after last night’s healing, I woke up feeling as if I'd processed 1000 lifetimes during the night. When I arrived home from Hawaii, I dreamed I was back with the whales, in their energy vortex/portals between the ocean and stars. My heart energy became so expansive that it felt as if I expanded beyond the room, the house, the world and the universe. I was in total … [Read more...]

Robbie M (PA)

I want to thank you again for all you are and all you share with all. I'm so grateful to be able to touch people, and of course I knew with taking your class and being in your divine energy the frequency has elevated once more. My clients yesterday felt as blissful as I did this weekend. With Heartfelt Gratitude and Love … [Read more...]