Carl (PA)

Words cannot express my gratitude. After spending some time on Mana's website, I feel the forms of tantra there are rivaled only by the purest designs of Bucky Fuller as an index of how deeply a Westerner can (or cannot) embrace tantra's essence and vitality. Namaste … [Read more...]


I have been working with Sacred Form Prints for my personal daily use and meditation practice for some time now, both at home and in my office space. Their high frequencies assist me in continuously bringing more and more light and love into my being and my life. They illuminate the space with profound blessings. I also have an 8x10 print that I travel with to assist in keeping the energies clear … [Read more...]

Carol (NJ)

I used the Sacred Forms yesterday while working with two clients and wow was it powerful! I placed the print on a window sill with light coming through the window through the Sacred Form. It hit all our hearts and 2nd chakra centers. I had to sit and catch my breath—Powerful and wonderful. … [Read more...]

Inge (CA)

The amazing Sacred Form arrived today. What a blessed image. Thank you!! This one goes framed into my office waiting room to spread peace and light. … [Read more...]