The 2024 Sacred Keys Journey


The Sacred Keys Journey


Yearlong Sacred Keys Journey
12 Monthly Group Meetings June 8,2024 – April 12,2025
Sacred Key 1 – June 8

The Sacred Keys is a new transmission of timeless and ancient teachings, revealed for today’s modern world. The sharing of these Keys is being offered to reawaken and integrate dormant and hidden parts of one’s being. The most precious and sacred of all.

This profound offering is about a return to Divine innocence and peace. It is designed to unlock the embodiment of unconditional self-love. A foundation of revelation and lucid creation.

Explore the alchemy that is The Sacred Keys

Experience the transformation of The Sacred Keys and open into the extraordinary realms of your clairsentience and self-love.


Sacred Keys Alchemy

  • Key of Birth
  • Key of Life Transition
  • Key of Unconditional Self Love
  • Key of Vision and Perception
  • Key of Breath and Divine Union
  • Key of Divine Love and Forgiveness
  • Key of Motion and Stillness
  • Key of Emotional Mastery
  • Key of Surrender
  • Key of Lightheartedness
  • Key of Death and Eternity
  • Key of Grace

Additional info about this training

Join us for this year-long transformational journey of self-discovery and introspection as we dive deeply into The Sacred Keys. Through online monthly teachings, meditation, Q&A, and off-line daily practices, we will experience the many facets of self-realization and illumination.

This course is a unique opportunity to work online with Mana while exploring The Sacred Keys. Give yourself this gift and delve into a new depth of spiritual practice and embodiment.

Your Journey Includes:

  • Course guidelines for maximizing your experience.
  • Monthly live 2-hour Sacred Keys sessions. Sessions include talks as well as Mana’s responses during live Q&A and/or responses to emailed questions from journey participants. (Video stream and audio download.)
  • Session notes to help you remember and integrate the teachings from each monthly session.
  • Exercises each month in-between the live sessions.
  • Audio MP3s of all the video content—download to your computer so you can revisit the teachings at your leisure.

Course materials are accessible during our year-long journey for registered participants. All audio and written materials created during The Sacred Keys Journey are downloadable during this period. Journey materials are for registered participants only. We request that participants do not share any of this material on social media or other internet channels.

Mana brings his exceptional ability to transmit and share from the heart to core levels of healing.

Monthly Schedule

Time of Transmissions
5 pm Pacific Time

May 10 – June 8 – July 6 – Aug 3 – Aug 31 – Sept 28 – Oct 26 – Nov 23 – Dec 21
Jan 18 – Feb 15 – Mar 15 – April 12
Dates are subject to change.
Journey Investment: $1,296.00

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SACRED KEYS JOURNEY – 12 Monthly Group Transmissions
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Mana is the visionary founder of Divine Light Sanctuary. His ministry and teachings facilitate global awakening and peace through spiritual counseling, evolutionary healing and transformational art.

The DIVINE LIGHT SANCTUARY is a center of transformation, illumination and education on Kauai serving as a peaceful template of spiritual awakening on Earth. We welcome people all over the world, to participate, learn and enjoy. Learn more about The Sanctuary

TRANSFORMATIONAL SESSIONS are designed to awaken your profound connection with Divinity, release trauma, heartache, unhealthy patterns and beliefs within your body, mind, and spirit.
These sessions implement a highly evolved blend of modalities and holographic energetic patterns, realized through extensive meditation and prayer, to facilitate spiritual, physical and emotional clearing. This work empowers and awakens your inherent abilities for healing, self-realization and revelation.
*Profound spiritual counseling is a key element of all sessions.